NYC Hypnosis For Creativity In Music

ARE YOU A Struggling NEW YORK CITY MUSICIAN .. or have you ACHIEVED the higher ranks of Music Industry Stardom but now it seems the CREATIVE WELL has gone dry.

Maybe You’re Already There ….

But the ideas aren’t flowing as fast!

TIME To GET YOURSELF Into OVERDRIVE ….. AND ALLOW THE CREATIVE JUICES TO START FLOWING AGAIN …….Let loose of those musical blocks that have put your career on standbye? Turn On YOUR INNER MUSICIAN !

You’ve come to the right place. I’m not only a hypnotist, I started out a musician myself. Well, it was in the heyday of the CBGB’s scene on NYC’s Lower East Side, some call it the punk movement, some call it alternative rock, and still others  called it noise, but it was a time of change. Bands were out there, on the musical edge a revolution was surging, while the NYC radios completely ignored it and pumped out disco. Rock Idols from the past, were being resurrected (or being Reborn), who were ahead of their times … like Jim Morrison of the doors, Iggy Stooge, Lou Reed. Leather jackets had became fashionable again …. It was a cool time.

I  was a part of that early scene. When, if you had an amplifier, you were a rarity. I played guitar along with a fledgling of us who were resurrecting that primorial Rock Sound, so correctly stated in early music by the Kinks ……We were not rich. There was no record contracts to be had. No producers sitting in the audience searching for new talent. Hilly Kristal’s CBGB’s gave us an outlet when there was only a handful of us musicians around and we’d do all we do to chip in some coins  for a communal Beer … Yep, one beer. There were a few amps around, no real sound system back then. We were renegade musicians. No one knew what was going to emerge from this, what was called a ‘BUM BAR’ on NYC’s Bowery.

When you’re creating music, you can be real creative. But you have to make a choice, do you want to be creative and commercially accepted. It’s though to make a living when you can’t put food on the table and no one is in the audience. It can be a really lonely gig.

Some may say, you’re making art. But if no one cares, no one else shares that opinion, maybe it is really just noise!  :):