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Early Picture of Professor John Petrocelli at CBGBS before NYC Hypnosis
Professor Petrocelli back in the days when he played the early C.B.G.B. scene
I’ve been known for getting results, in no matter what I’ve done my entire life. My biggest regret, and my earliest love, was music.


As a kid, I was influenced by an early appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show whose music send shock waves that rocked America (Beatlemania) into another era… By an earlier generation’s Bubble Gum Music. And then, just when I thought it was safe to cross the street (or in this case, the Bayou) I was catapulted out of the familiar surroundings of my urban landscape (called New York City), along quietly moving rivers and along the back roads, into a country surrounding I had only read about in books before, by a band called Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Especially influenced by the hyper enthusiastic, flannel shirted, suede-booted, mop-haired, raspy voiced singer, songwriter – John C. Fogerty. I traveled along with their words. In my head, I was  “Skipping Rocks Along Green River.” … I rode a paddle wheeled river boat on the Mississippi named ‘Proud Mary’ during hard times, and I was steeped in Southern lore and imminent disasastor fearing the  ‘Bad Moon Rising.’

Professor John PetrocelliAs a kid, on weekends in the summer, I would go out to New Jersey. My friend Wayne, lived off of Route 46. His family had this dilapidated shack outside, which we’d camp in at night. It was musty smelling, old, held together by spit and nails. At night, as we lay on ancient discarded carpet scraps, hearing the sound of trucks as they barreled down the highway along Route 46 toward Pennsylvania, we’d listen to the AM Stations on an old plastic, plug in, AM radio which the dim light showing the analog station dial, was the only pinhole of light in the room. We listened to Musicians like Otis Redding, (Sitting on the Dock of the Bay), B.B. King (The Thrill is gone), Chicago, Steppenwolf, Creedence, Three Dog Night and many more …. To this day, when I hear those songs, I can smell the that shed, hear the lonely trucks in the distance and remember how incredible that music was for a young guy.

johnatbinskysIn the morning, Wayne’s Brother Warren (Wormann), would wake us up. He’d come in with an Acoustic Guitar and for hours, just play and sing (off key, but who knew)…. Warren would introduce us to songs I never heard. He had a friend who’d come along sometimes, Craig Cutler… Geez .. that’s a name I haven’t thought about in ages f… Warren would sing songs by Jay and the Americans, Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, The Doors, Warren would just play on and on. The shack lit only by 1 bare, hanging incadesent bulb hanging from the ceiling, wires dangerously exposed.

I got my first guitar when I was tiny, right after the Beatles. It was a Hootenanny Plastic Guitar that was more for show then playing as you really couldn’t tune the nylon strings as the pegs other pressure would spin back and bang up your fingers. One of my relatives thought it was fun if they gave me a Beatles wig. It looked like a black, Fuller brush mop head.

Professor John Petrocelli, NYC Hypnotherapist Mid 1970's Rock And Roller
Professor John Petrocelli, NYC Hypnotherapist Early Photo

It took me several years to get enough cash to get a Sears Roebuck Electric Guitar. It was a beast, with a guitar action that would bust your fingers to finger the frets. It had a vibrato (a whammy bar). I would set in the attic in my mom’s house and try to mimic what I saw Warren do out in the shed. I learned the easy stuff first. Grand Funk Railroad, the riff to Satisfaction by the Stones .. the badass riff, to Smoke on the Water …. I was no Warren, but I could jump up and down with that weighty tree trunk of a guitar to the few Long playing records I owned back then.


In CBGB days, I was a member of such short lived, but memorable bands like The Punk Cowboys (were the cattle sleep with one eye open), the sacriligious, and really short lived, Screaming Jesuses. I joined this one, from an ad in a  free music publication that listed band member personnals. We were booked for two Synagogues … they let us play a total of under 10 minutes before they pulled the plug and heaved us out. The lead singer left us for a long term stay in a sanitarium.

And then there were the bands that seemingly formed on a whim. Got together if someone was foolish enough to pay us, or not. Most of the guys would show up for beer or food (or grass).

If you’d like to release those blocks that keep you from becoming the best you can be, give us a call, Professor John Petrocelli of the Original NYC hypnosis Center, a leader in the field for 37 years.


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