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with NYC Hypnotist’s Best New York Hypnotherapist / Musician

Early Picture of Professor John Petrocelli at CBGBS before NYC Hypnosis
Professor Petrocelli back in the days when he played the early C.B.G.B. scene

What would it feel like to step out on stage and experience the rush of a calm, comfortable confidence sweep over you … and then, all of the sudden… something a magical revery takes over?

You begin to sense your own, other than conscious mind, sprouts forth ideas, bringing to the forefront all your best qualities… all of your strengths, your best personality traits, your most sparkling and dazzling traits.

Then it amplifies them…super charging them until you vibrate inside with such a charismatic energy that it radiates out to your audience so that they already know something wonderful is about to happen before you even play your first note!

  • You practiced your butt off.
  • You’ve got your own sound.
  • You’ve got your own groove.

But both you and your audience deserve much more than that… so isn’t it about time you got out of your own way and let your ideal self shine on stage?

Release the charismatic dynamo within.

What is stage presence? It’s much, much more than just showing up, and it’s way more than just physically being on stage…

It os being FULLY PRESENT while on stage FULLY in the moment. At one with your music, your instrument, a communal experience with your audience and band mates.

How would YOU LIKE TO

  • Feel absolutely comfortable in your own skin anywhere, anytime?
  • Broadcast an aura of total self-assurance your audience really feels?
  • Feel totally comfortable with yourself in front of anybody?
  • Know for sure anything you do onstage will be perfectly okay?
  • Have fearless self-confidence in front of any audience, large or small?
  • Rush onstage because you’re so excited about performing?
  • Have unwavering certainty and total conviction you can pull off any gig?
  • Activate your inner genius from the moment you step onto the stage?

Yes? Sound good to you?


Want it NOW?

Then you want to rapidly reprogram yourself for success, and hypnosis is the shortest distance between the two points:

the point where you are sitting here reading this right now, and the point where you want to be… where any inhibitions just melt away

and you: Look Good, Feel Good, Act Good and have FUN, freeing up all that energy for sheer performance in front of any audience anywhere anytime, by just what you know about being you… naturally, automatically, and effortlessly.

Now you’ve got to take your unique message to the world.which means performance.

LIVE performance.

That means you’ve got to

  • Be Alive
  • Feel Alive
  • Look Alive
  • as well as bring your music to life vividly within the people who have come to hear and see you play.

That’s said see you play. And for that to happen. YOU need to be present on that stage(otherwise they might have well stayed home and just listened to your CD or download ).


Stage Presence

Is the message of self-assured awareness you broadcast through your body, right then, right there.

  • Is how you act out the music…
  • Is how your body accompanies the music as it happens…
  • Is what you do and how you project yourself visually as you express your music… because people want to see you perform.
  • Is how your listeners intuit your genuine passion for music.
  • It expresses the sincerity of everything else you do along with and other than the music itself.

But why would you ever want to be satisfied with just having a remarkable stage presence? What would it be like to have irresistible CHARISMA that people intuitively feel wherever you go, whatever you do? You can develop that personal magnetism, anyone can. Hypnosis is the key to unleashing your full potential for all to see.

Imagine your future self beaming with all the stage presence, charisma, and performance qualities you desire now and other qualities you didn’t even know you had.

Now…you can either look that “future you” right in the eyes and explain why you didn’t do what you had to do to fully realize that for yourself…


You can imagine your future self congratulating and thanking you for what you did to take the necessary steps, steps that lead right to you basking in the glow of success beyond what you can even imagine now. And then what it feels like to look back on this moment, right now, knowing that reading this was the start of it all, and how good that really feels.

Stage Fright or Stage Presence?

The choice is yours.

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