Get In The Musical Zone – The Zen State Of ‘Being In The Zone’

NYC Hypnosis Guitar For Musicians Hypnothrapy
Rock And Flow … That’s what it’s all about .. Freeing the emotions in your playing

At NYC Hypnosis w/ Professor Petrocelli, Our NY Hypnosis and our New York Trained Hypnotherapists will help you to:

  • Achieve the Flow State
  • Get lost in the music without getting lost.
  • Play in ways that express the real reason why you chose to play in the first place.
  • Experience a free-flow of creativity from your inner mind.

Techniques for creating states that allow the music to spontaneously feel like it’s playing itself

Channel a stream of consciousness…from the subconscious mind that translates your thoughts directly into passionate, sincere musical expression that touches others.

Develop your innate ability to relax and focus into a mental state where you are performing 100% in the moment, playing at your maximum potential, full throttle.


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