Give Your Music Attitude … “B.B. King Could Say More With Just One Note

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Rock And Flow … That’s what it’s all about .. Freeing the emotions in your playing

NY HYPNOSIS CENTER w/ Professor John Petrocelli – (NYC Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Musician)

Feeling the NoteĀ – Making Notes Sing. They said, “B.B. King could say more with one note then others could with the pyrotechnics of an Eddie Van Halen (not to put Eddie down for his accomplishments in any way)

The value of producing a note musically emotionally, quality versus quantity.


Ever buy an album or CD for just the way one run or note was played?

Like Pink Floyd’s legendary and powerful guitar riffs that take you to new places. B.B. King in the epic ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ …. The legendary Led Zep Riffs by Jimmy Page … The emotional guitar riffs of Jeff Beck.

What is the difference between a musician who can make you cry by playing just one phrase, or even one note, and other musicians who know their instruments and theory inside and out, but just end up sounding shallow and mediocre?

Ever feel an ecstatic chill run up your spine while listening to a musician who really inspires you? This what music is all about?

Early Picture of Professor John Petrocelli at CBGBS before NYC Hypnosis
Professor Petrocelli back in the days when he played the early C.B.G.B. scene

Learn how to make every note count with artistic depth of expression.

Guitarists, bass players, and players of most all other stringed instruments have hands-on, tactile control of every note, as well as all the infinite microtones between each note. Hear them. Use them to expand your self-expression.

Creating a personal musical signiture!

Have you heard just one passing note and been able to identify the musician playing it?

Experience how to let go while realizing that what you hold back can sometimes be more important than what you do.

Hypnosis is a highly effective and quick way to make you more aware of the elements within your own natural manner of playing and how to allow those elements to evolve into your full-blown personal style.

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