Group Presentations For Musicians At The NYC Hypnosis Center

Professor Petrocelli lecturing to a group of music students about the power of hypnosis
Professor Petrocelli lecturing to a group of music students about the power of hypnosis

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Group Presentations

If there’s one thing I’ve always found to be true wherever I go, it’s that people of all ages and occupations, especially musicians, are absolutely fascinated by hypnosis.

NYC Hypnosis Group presentations are a fun and educational way you can share the astonishing potentials that both hypnosis and self-hypnosis afford  your fellow musicians.

This is easily one of the best ways you can energize and inspire others in your musical organization, club, or ensemble. It’s also an excellent opportunity for them to be informed of a whole new realm of musical possibilities that’s already inside them waiting to be explored.


Photo of NYC Hypnosis Music StudentsIntroduce your friends to simple, but exciting new ideas to boost their musical abilities and confidence that they can put to use right now. Your decision to call and schedule a group presentation now will ensure that you give your group, club, or organization an educational and thoroughly entertaining demonstration of the power of the human mind they’ll always remember.

Ideas for presentations can include a focusing on topics of special concern for musicians, such as stage fright. It’s even easy to include a group induction so that those who want to know what hypnosis feels like can experience it for themselves. How cool is that?

It’s  as simple as letting giving NYC Hypnosis Center (the original w Professor Petrocelli) and tell us you think will interest your group and getting together and we’ll customize a presentation for you that you can afford and knock their socks off at the same time,and all it takes is for you to call the New York hypnosis Center .

NYC Hypnosis Center is located in Midtown NYC, 1 block from Macy’s.

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