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What would it be like to be able to flip a switch and instantly sense a powerful wave of energy surging through your entire body, heightening all your musical abilities and bringing your perceptions of sound and music into such stunning clarity that when you play, the music creates itself?

Hypnotists call a switch that does this sort of thing a trigger anchor. Would you like one?

Or better yet, How many anchors do you want?

It all sounds like science fiction, doesnt it? But it’s a fact, a fact thatss been around for a long, long time. Hypnotic triggers have been used for many purposes that have benefited millions, from removing the fear of flying to weight loss to Olympic athletics.


Early Photo of NYC Hypnotist Prof John Petrocelli on the Early CBGB Rock And Roll SceneWhy not musicians?

Why not YOU?
If you think its essential for your instrument to be in tune before you play

how important do you think it is for YOU to be in tune before a performance?

Get in tune with yourself.

Face the music…your most important instrument is YOUR MIND.

Because, if you think about it, it really doesn’t matter how fine-tuned a musical instrument is if the musician playing it isnt in tune.

Now here’s your opportunity to take advantage of state-of-the-art hypnotic self-conditioning techniques especially designed to enhance musicians like yourself. Not only that, it’s 100% safe, and YOU retain complete control of what you want to program yourself for at all times. Once a trigger for the mental state you want is installed,


Hypnosis Is Going With The Flow .. Being in tune with the groove .. a hypnotic medly of body and spirit ...
Hypnosis Is Going With The Flow .. Being in tune with the groove .. a hypnotic medly of body and spirit …

Hypnosis Is Going With The Flow .. Being in tune with the groove .. a hypnotic medly of body and spirit …


Depending on your own personal needs and desires, hypnotic conditioning can be successfully used to boost your playing in areas such as these:

Playing for yourself FIRST, so your audience’s response naturally falls into place.

Muscle tension is every musician’s worst enemy. Learn to completely relax and monitor your body to release any stress that may stand in the way between you and your highest potential level of performance.

What you silently say inside to yourself are actually commands your subconscious will manifest in reality. So if you talk trash to yourself, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Become aware of your internal dialogue and make sure that the things you say to yourself are positive, useful, and constructive.

  • Make the stage, or anywhere you play, your personal comfort zone.
  • Dare yourself to excel beyond your limits, take risks without fear of failure.
  • Be and feel ALIVE during live performances and let loose and have fun doing it.
  • Learn how to relax and play faster, rather than getting tense the faster you play. Most musicians unconsciously tense-up the faster they play, which actually limits their playing speed.
  • Stop allowing your level of performance to be dictated by the whim of whatever negative mood you happen to be in. Take the reins and learn to control your mental state to serve your music, and not vice versa.


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