How Does Hypnosis Work? What Does It Feel Like?

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like - Professor Petrocelli Hypnotizing New Student
What Does Hypnosis Feel Like – Professor Petrocelli Hypnotizing New Student

How Does Hypnosis Work?

As in dreams, limiting self-beliefs are suspended in hypnosis. As a result, people in the hypnotic state are sometimes capable of extraordinary feats precisely because their consciously held notions of what is possible and not possible for them are temporarily gone.

In the conscious state

our mind only allows us to do what we believe we can do what we believe we are capable of or possible for us. During hypnosis, those boundaries we have set for ourselves that limited us are suspended. In hypnosis we can do things that are really within our potential mental and physical capabilities. Sometimes those abilities are far beyond what we consciously imagined possible.


NYC Hypnosis Hypnotist Professor John Petrocelli Hypnotizing A Participant for a demo
NYC Hypnosis Hypnotist Professor John Petrocelli Hypnotizing A Participant for a demo


What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

As mentioned earlier, the state of hypnosis is so familiar that most people wonder if they’ve even been hypnotized upon emerging from trance.

It’s as familiar as getting lost in a good book or TV show in a way that enables you to enter the unfolding experience and feel as though you’re actually there.

It’s just like walking out of a theater having really enjoyed the movie and noticing how time seemed to have passed so quickly that it feels as though you just bought your ticket only a few minutes ago.

And it’s a lot like those times when you are daydreaming as you’re driving down the freeway and you finally notice that the off-ramp you wanted to get off at was three or four exits ago (this happens so often to drivers that there’s actually a technical name for it: Highway Hypnosis

Most hypnotists would call the above instances examples of light or maybe at times even medium trance states.

The type of state that is useful for reprogramming your subconscious mind for positive change is the deep trance state called somnambulistic.


NYC Hypnotist Professor Petrocelli hypnotizing more than one
NYC Hypnotist Professor Petrocelli hypnotizing more than one

The best example of this type of deep hypnosis that you routinely experience is the state you naturally go through while you’re on the way between sleep and the waking state.

It’s what one experiences while falling asleep. It’s that feeling you get when you’re not really awake anymore, but you’re not exactly in a state of sleep yet either. You can most easily recognize the state of hypnosis in the morning as you are coming out of sleep. It’s like those times in your mornings when, for whatever reasons, you are roused out of sleep. Looking at your clock, you are relieved to find you still have another ten to fifteen minutes before your alarm goes off. If you’re like me, you probably stay in bed to savor those last few moments before you actually have to get up and start your day. Knowing that your alarm will go off soon, you probably did not go back to sleep, but instead found yourself drifting off into a state of awareness that felt both dreamy and relaxing. You certainly weren’t awake yet, but then you’re sure you really didn’t go back to sleep either. THAT’S the state of hypnosis. What most people don’t realize as they’re comfortably laying there waiting for the alarm to finally go off is that the mental state they’re  enjoying is ideal for installing new programs into your vast subconscious mind. Not only that, but that exact same state can be reproduced using hypnosis for just such a purpose.

Although we experience hypnosis between sleep and wakefulness, the state of somnambulism (hypnosis) is a completely different state than either one of those. It has it’s own properties and qualities, just as the states of sleep and wakefulness have their own particular features and properties. The state of hypnosis is distinguished by an amazing, heightened ability to access and program the vast resources of your subconscious mind.

To make a long story short…

How does hypnosis feel?

Hypnosis feels really, reeeeeeeaaaaaaally good!

And since a side-effect of entering into the state of hypnosis is a dump of endorphins into your bloodstream (your body’s natural pleasure-generating response, as found in the runner’s high), I don’t hesitate for one moment to guide people into a beautiful trance state. I know that they’re going to feel really, really good. That’s just how it works.

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