How New York City Hypnosis Techniques Helps The Musical Pro

rock-guyWhat We Do for Pro Musicians

If you’re the kind of musician who sees life as one continual learning experience, a person who realizes that life is too short to stop and rest on your laurels, who sees a new door just beyond every door you open for yourself, then go ahead and read on, this is for you…

Miracles on demand…

There’s just a few for you to think about…

· Transform your presence on stage into wildly successful charisma.

· Find within yourself the performance image that’s just right for you.

· Completely eliminate stage fright and performance anxiety forever.

· Easily overcome creative blocks and get back on track.

· Relax on command and enjoy stress-free performances.

· Pre-Tour energy boost, for when you’re ready to hit the road.

· Pre-Studio supercharge, for when you’re ready to lay down perfect tracks.

· Pre-Audition performance optimizer for showcases and those high-profile gigs.

· Pro-Revitalizer: Make old songs sound and feel new every time you play them.

· Musician Tune-up: Turbocharge performance skills while releasing all negativity in your way.

· Self-hypnosis training for dream practice and mental rehearsal.

· Success conditioning: Programming the positive beliefs you desire and get out of your own way to eliminate self-sabotage.

Now, I don’t know about you, but for those of us whose passion for music began with a burning curiosity, the realization that music IS our personal destiny, and then heeded that divine call, we need to raise the bar for ourselves with every musical milestone just to survive. And by survival, I don’t mean scrounging out a living either. I mean creative survival…what a real artist needs just to be able to live with himself, feeding that hunger we have for the spiritual food of life that sustains us we call music. Music is what keeps us alive…and alive and well. We live and breathe music, yet the responsibility is ours as musicians to nurture that music from the inside, to maintain it in an endless stream and keep it fresh and vibrantly alive to sustain us.

Yet, even a pro musician such as yourself can turn around and find that you’ve somehow played yourself into a creative dead-end. Or maybe, on the way, you got sidetracked and only now begin to realize that your music has become little more than a routine, and you just don’t know the way up and out. I probably don’t need to point out how seriously evil that word “routine” really is for any musician.

What if you could rewire in a propulsion system in a way such that your mind continuously pumped out the kind of creative energy that made your music always sound fresh and real, no matter what you’re playing… and no matter how many times you’ve played it?

To a select few of us belong the loftiest of musician’s dreams …even to the point of becoming one’s ultimate ideal…the musician’s musician. You know exactly the kind of musician I’m talking about… the one who towers heads and shoulders above his peers, someone who’s looked up to by other musicians as a shining beacon of inspiration. Maybe kind of like the musical idols you remember whose playing and style first kindled the fires of musical inspiration for you way back when.

How good would it feel to know that every time you made music, you could hear with new ears, see the audience and your fellow musicians with new eyes, and experience a fresh, brand new YOU so that every performance becomes your peak performance?

But to be a musician’s musician, one always has to be several steps ahead. As a matter of fact, just to be recognized within the overcrowded field in this competitive world of music, you have to be several steps ahead.

And maybe it’s not so much a battle for the hearts and minds of your listeners, whether they be your audience or fellow musicians, as it is a battle with YOUR own heart and mind to produce creativity on demand with the chops to back it up.

But… it doesn’t have to be a battle for you, not now…

When you know the right techniques and have a fast-track to your inner resources, what is a constant battleground and struggle for others becomes your playground. While other musicians are trying to squeeze blood out of a rock, you can tap into the wellspring of your mind for a free-flow of dynamic creative energy that your inner genius streams right into you as easy you need it.

Drawing on thousands of hours of professional experience working with musicians, exploring the realms of their deepest desires and personal challenges, Hypnosis for Musicians presents to you the opportunity for you to finally discover how to redesign yourself into the kind of musician you were meant to be, and all the success that naturally comes with that.

If you’re a pro musician, somewhere along the way you made the choice,

the commitment, to make music what you do, your profession.

Whether you’ve taken lots of lessons or slogged through a bunch of music methods all on your own, you’ve done the footwork. You’re already intimate with your instrument and where you can take people with it. Your life experience has taken you through your first trial-by-fire funky gigs, learning the ropes and getting burned by club owners or others on the way, and finding out where you and your music fit in the grand scheme of things as they stand right now. And If you’re the type of musician who’s played in various groups or bands, then you’ve realized what a miracle it is to get any number of musicians and their equipment to show up at the same place at the same time to work together on the same things.

One can assume that you are a highly motivated and, to some degree, successful person to have brought yourself this far already. After all, you’ve had the determination and persistence to do what it takes to get a firm grip on the tools of your trade. And to the extent to which you were able to take those tools and skills and consistently apply them to where you were off and running making music what you do, you became a pro musician, a professional musician.

For just a fraction of the cost of what you’ve already spent on your gear and all the regalia to look good and sound good onstage, you can now have the skills, inspiration, and charisma you’ve always wanted to back that up.

Hypnosis for Musicians offers you the next steps,

revolutionary new steps never available to musicians until now…

steps that you’ll find are very much

the logical extension consistent with your own lifetime

quest for musical excellence.

It’s safe to say that if there’s one thing a pro-musician has to take seriously to survive and grow, that would be to keep the music fun with an energy that renews itself each and every time you perform.

Think back a moment on what your reasons were when you were first attracted to the idea of becoming a musician in the first place. I’m willing to bet that somewhere within those reasons is the word “fun”. If you’re like most musicians I know, just the sheer fun of playing music would have been enough all by itself to make it worthwhile and rewarding enough to pursue music as a life-long endeavor. Maybe what attracted you was the fact that, while fun for most people was something they only enjoyed after work, fun was something that musicians seemed to enjoy as a natural part what they do for a living.

Now… take a good look at how far you’ve come in your musical career and where you are now. Having fun? Maybe…but not as much and not nearly as often as you’d like?

Everything you’ve ever experienced and felt is part of your permanent memory. Every high moment of musical fun, ecstasy, and excitement you’ve ever had is alive and well right now deep within your subconscious mind. Sometimes one of those memories happens to well up into your conscious thought, but most remain beyond our everyday reach. Many of what might well be our most precious memories remain inaccessibly buried and defy our conscious efforts to recall them no matter how hard we try.

Want to bring those memories, those great feelings, out of storage and bring them back to life as your vivid reality? Want to make the very best of those feelings you had then your reality now, and then amp them up… doubling and tripling their effects. And what would it do for you to have those feelings locked in so that you can retrieve them and fill yourself to the brim with their creative juices at the drop of a hat, whenever you need them, 24/7, around the clock? Take your fun seriously. Welcome to the wonderful world of Hypnosis for Musicians!

Whether you need to:

rekindle your musical spirit.
fan the flames of talents you already have.
set fire to new abilities you didn’t even know you had.
or ignite the exhilarating feelings that come over you when you know you have the audience eating out of your hand as soon as your charisma begins to radiate their way from the stage…

Hypnosis is THE key you’ve been waiting for to awaken your sleeping genius within.

We have the technology. It’s up to you to find the determination.