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Streamline Takes, the Express Train to Engineer Awe-Inspiring Tracks That Feel Good.

What would it feel like to step through that studio door knowing you’re going to immediately play even better than your best rehearsal, and amaze yourself and others in the process…recording the most incredible tracks imaginable?

You know, I’ve been there…

I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars recording my music. When you discover that you do in fact, like I did, find yourself overwhelmed by the feelings of possibility as you step through that studio door, you begin to realize how much, with all the time and money you spend, it’s really worth it to make sure you get the positive experience you want from that valuable studio time.

But even more important than the time and money spent are the results of your efforts… the reason why you’re there in the first place. And the reason why your there is for the opportunity to create a living musical monument that you are proud to share with others that best represents your highest creative talents and expressive abilities. You want to leave your mark on the mind of the listeners by inspiring them with an emotion-charged experience that they will always remember and identify with you. And since we’re talking about a recording, not just a fleeting moment of performance, you want it to be something you can be proud to have people appreciate again and again, whether they listen to it tomorrow, next month, or twenty years from now.

Getting It Right Then and There
If you know anything about being in the studio recording, then you already know that you’ve got to get it down in the first few takes. After that, it just doesn’t get any better, no matter how hard you try. Persistence is a virtue that can’t help you when the vital inspiration you want naturally tends to wither with every successive take. So when you don’t get it right then and there in those crucial initial takes, you need to make a decision. You have to decide whether you have the resources to come back, pay for the set-up and sound check, and for the time to try again some other day when the stars are aligned right, or whether to stick it out and maybe leave a track everybody else can live with, but you can only tolerate as the mark you’ve made for yourself. And if someone else, say…a thrifty producer, is putting up the studio bucks (and is actually accountable for it), there’s going to be pressure to get it down right, then and there. If you don’t, oh well. It’s just what anyone and everyone who listens to you will have to appreciate about your playing for the rest of YOUR life.

How would you feel if you were able to…say…whip off your best takes right off the bat, so that the most difficult decision you have to make is to choose which of the tracks is more awesome than the others?

And sometimes it doesn’t end when you’ve finished getting your tracks down…

First you get your best sound right then and there in the studio, and then you squeeze out the best performances you’ve ever done. But for many of us, our studio experience doesn’t end with laying down the “keeper” tracks that do justice to our musical genius.

Unless you have a producer or engineer you can trust, you’ve got to be there for the mix-down. If not, you may not even recognize your own music by the time everything is said and done and your recording budget has dried up.

It’s a sobering experience, indeed, when you first meet your studio engineer and he asks you something like, if you want a “hip hop” microphone setup for the drums, and you happen to be a rock band or jazz ensemble. The daunting realization that the fate of your precious music, the sound which you and your group may have spent years perfecting and fine tuning, is now in the hands of a total stranger who doesn’t know you from Adam can be alarming at best.

So, if you find yourself taking an active role in the mixing of your music, you’ve got to face the fact that you’ll be listening to the same song over, and over, and over for hours, until you get a good final mix suitable for mastering and air play.

Ear Fatigue: Playing the Game of “Beat the Clock” With Your Own Ears

Time is NOT on your side for your critical ears at mix time. Why? Because the longer and more times you listen to one song in one sitting, the more your mind will naturally tune it out. Your ears just shut down. And the more your mix approaches the finish line, the more difficult it is to hear what’s going on no matter how hard you try.

This is a natural physical reaction. It’s just like the family who rents a New York apartment underneath a subway. For the first couple weeks after moving in, they can’t get any sleep. After a while though, they get used to it and sleep peacefully, undisturbed by the shaking and rattling of their home by the passing trains. Well, it’s the exact opposite of that same principle that can begin to severely limit once you’re several hours into the mix.

When you are inspired to focus and concentrate with a mental clarity that enables you to more rapidly mix down your tracks with a sense of direction and purpose, you don’t have to play “beat the clock” with ear fatigue…or you patience and budget. Hypnosis is the efficient and powerful way to get your vast subconscious resources on board to help you perceive the fine discriminations within the blend of sounds you need to fine-tune it into the final mix you can feel good about.

How to Use Hypnosis to Save Valuable Time, Money, and Your Creative Integrity in the Recording Studio

What if, instead of letting the pressures of limited studio time and money negatively effect your performance in the studio, what if you were able to produce incredible “keeper” tracks right off the bat during those first crucial takes? You know…laying down the kind of track where you see a commotion happening on the other side of the glass and everyone in the monitoring room is jumping up and down, excited at what they’ve just heard you do.

If you’ve ever experienced that, then you know just how good that feels. But how good would it feel to be able to reproduce that awesome “rush” of creative accomplishment each and every time you record in the studio?

If you happen to find yourself going into the studio to record and the highlight of the whole incredible opportunity for you is when you finally get to sigh in relief, knowing all you did was make sure that you played the right notes, then you can easily begin to understand the importance it is for you to learn how to shift your awareness.

A very powerful and rapid way to train yourself to shift your awareness and control your inner state in a relaxed way is when you learn how to go into the state of hypnosis. When you use hypnosis to rid yourself of negative self-limitations and align your subconscious mind to focus its vast resources on your activity at hand, all you have to do is be there and watch and listen to the music of your inner genius seem to unfold on its own accord.

What if, rather than feeling how you just can’t wait to get out of the studio by the skin of your teeth with a half-ass track that nobody can complain about… you were instead champing at the bit, and just couldn’t wait to watch the way your mind whips out the perfect tracks just for you, its single goal being to surprise and impress you with the genius of your inner self?

It does happen… and it can happen for you!

Doesn’t it really make sense to invest in supercharging your higher self to make your quality time in the studio the optimum positive expression of yourself, ditching any self-sabotage and getting the outcome you wanted? Especially so since all the while you’re saving time and money?


When you decide you want to supercharge yourself for wild success in the studio and

make sure anyone else who listens to what you record

hears YOU tap into the genius within,

who you gonna call?