How This Helps Performing Artists

What We Do For Performing Artists

Energizing Performance Brilliance.

How good will you feel when you look back on this moment as your personal turning point…the telling milestone of your musical career? When, standing at the crossroads between who you were and who you really wanted to be, you clearly heard the knock of opportunity and had the wisdom to open the door to a whole new universe. A universe where you CONSISTENTLY dazzle your audiences with the kind of performances that leave them with the lasting impression you want them to have…and only leaves them hungry for more! The more your fans sense that you care about your music as much as they do, the more you become aware of the ways you can imagine a whole new YOU every time you play… with the blazing CHARISMA and CREATIVE FIRE onstage your fans deserve and expect from you.

Fantasy…or Reality? The choice is YOURS…

Rain or shine, wherever you play, you’ve got to pull it off. And, as a musician, not only are your listeners staring at you with perked ears, but every eye’s on you too.

There’s no hiding behind a recording studio console, you’ve got to go out and bare your mind, body, and soul in front of the people who matter the most. It’s a place where every gig is a “now or never,” and there’s no room for burnouts or half-hearted efforts. Performing musicians realize that as soon as you step out on that stage, you have to make it your personal comfort zone and do what you do best, at your best.

All too often, the enormous demands made upon the performing musician take their toll in ways that are difficult to cope with. Many a rising star has gone down in flames, or even worse…mediocrity, simply because they lost touch with their dreams and the will that drove them into becoming performing musicians in the first place. Those dreams must be re-dreamed every day. That will must be renewed and resurrected for every performance. Nobody can teach you how to do that. But if you need to learn how to do that, and nobody else can teach you how…

That’s where hypnosis comes in…a proven method that allows musicians such as yourself find the inner support you need to learn what cannot be taught. Hypnosis is a unique opportunity to STOP, and listen to that voice of wisdom inside where all your answers are. The voice that’s been desperately trying to get your attention. The inner voice that’s been waiting for you to allow yourself the opportunity to take stock of what is really true for you. Your genius subconscious knows where you’re at now, as well as exactly what you need to do next to take the right path that it knows will make what were once your dreams into vivid reality for you.

That’s what hypnosis is all about.

You’re a “Live” performer, right?

What would it be like to actually LOOK, ACT and FEEL ALIVE, bringing your music to life each and every time you feel the warmth of the spotlight?

Performing artists have to do just that…


Playing the circuit? Going on a tour? How many times are you going to play those same songs …over and over?

What would you think if I were to tell you that THERE IS a way that can lead you to reveal to yourself your own personal method to re-vitalize your music and yourself at a moment’s notice…in the blink of an eye?

But the really important question you should be asking yourself is… How many times are you going to play those same songs, over and over… and make them sound fresh and brand new every time?

Here’s a list of just a few things we can do for musicians and bands:

· Pro-Revitalizer: make old songs sound and feel new for every performance.

· Artist development to increase your stage presence and charisma.

· Provide you the tools to find within yourself the image that’s just right for you.

· Completely eliminate stage fright and performance anxiety forever.

· Help you to easily overcome creative blocks and get back on track.

· Train you how to relax on command for stress-free performances.

· Pre-Tour energy boost for the long haul, when you’re ready to take it on the road.

· Pre-Studio supercharge for recording excellence and inspiration.

· Pre-Audition performance optimizer for showcasing and those high-profile gigs.

· Musician Tune-up: Turbocharge your performance skills and release negativity.

· Self-hypnosis training to practice in your head and while you dream.

· Success conditioning: Program in positive beliefs, program out self-sabotage.

And much, much more…