Improvisation … Unleash The Energy Of Your Musical Imagination


You Have All You Need to Improvise

Are you a fluent sight-reader who hasn’t yet been able to improvise?

Or maybe you just don’t know where to begin?

But what would happen if you realized that every piece of music you have ever heard or played is forever retained in your subconscious mind in high fidelity and fine detail?

And what if you found out you can learn to access your life-long acquired repertoire and learn to weave pieces of what you already know into melodies and phrases that become uniquely your own? Just a thought…

· In conjunction with the flow state, you can learn how to “let go” and allow improvised notes and melodies to emerge with spontaneity and sincerity. The type of “on the fly” mental processing required for a musician to improvise is a matter of “doing” composition without analysis or much conscious design.

What if you were to find out that many renowned classical pieces were originally “improvised” spontaneously by their composers?

And what if you were to change any pre-conceived notions you may have had regarding what is composition and what is improvisation, in such a manner that allows you to re-align your belief system in ways that permit you to begin improvising right away? Hmmmm…

LOOK, the fact is this…

ANY Musician Can Learn How to Improvise.

You know, there’s thousands of musicians who are probably a whole lot dumber than you out there jamming and improvising right now even as you’re reading this.

Challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of musicians learning how to improvise, especially for accomplished sight-readers,

are almost always due to negative self-limiting beliefs.

Remove all those limitations, and watch your genius fly!