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Hypnosis Is Going With The Flow .. Being in tune with the groove .. a hypnotic medly of body and spirit ...
Hypnosis Is Going With The Flow .. Being in tune with the groove .. a hypnotic medly of body and spirit …

More Hypnosis FAQ

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Q. Will I tell or reveal anything I want to keep private while I am in hypnosis?

A. You would not tell anything you wish to keep private while in hypnosis, nor would you unknowingly reveal your deepest secrets. Your protective mind continues to make sure that you don’t say anything you wouldn’t ordinarily say.

The fact that it is even possible for people in hypnosis to lie is precisely why testimony obtained from someone in hypnosis is never allowed in any court of law.


Photo of NYC Hypnosis Music StudentsQ. Will I be asked to do or say anything while in hypnosis?

A. Pretty much all you need to do is get comfortable, relax, enjoy, and just let it happen in the way that’s just right for you. It is important for you to follow the instructions of your hypnotist so he can guide you so you can get the benefits you want, but you always have veto power over what suggestions and instructions you are willing to accept at all times.

For our purposes, there’s not really much you need to say, if at all. You might be asked to answer, or just nod your head when the hypnotist wants to make sure you’re following along, but that’s about it.

Q. Is there a loss of consciousness when you practice hypnosis?

A. If you’re too tired for your session, you might fall asleep. Otherwise, you find that you are actually more perceptive and aware than when you are awake.

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Q. How deep will I go?

A. That depends on how quickly you can learn to go into the state of hypnosis for you to get the changes you want. It’s a skill and everyone has his or her own learning curve. Like all skills, it can only become better and better the more you practice it. When you allow yourself to experience the state and realize just how exquisitely wonderful it feels, you know the way there. Once you know the way there, it can only get easier and faster for you. In fact, you’ll find that it feels so good, and your mind is so eager to enjoy the experience again, that it will go ahead and find its own shortcuts to take you there that much quicker.

Depth of trance is somewhat relative, but there is an optimum level of hypnosis you will find appropriate for you. Naturally, the more and more you find yourself comfortable with hypnosis, the more you are able to control and adjust your mental state. Even if it takes you a little while to discover how to fine-tune your depth of trance, most people easily learn how to quickly arrive at a level of hypnosis that feels absolutely wonderful. After a little practice, you find your own expressway that takes you right to where you want to be in the beautiful, relaxing state of hypnosis. Where you want to be is the best depth of trance that allows your subconscious mind to embrace and lock in on only the positive suggestions that you want to become your new, powerful, and permanent programming just for you.

 Early Photo of NYC Hypnotist Prof John Petrocelli on the Early CBGB Rock And Roll SceneQ. How much of my session will I remember?

A. You will be able to remember everything you experience and everything said by your hypnotist during your session. As long as it’s something you want to remember, you will. Even so, you are always free to record your session and take it home with you to listen to it again whenever you want.


Q. How quickly will I experience the benefits of hypnosis?

A. Again, this all depends on what YOU do. Whether the changes and abilities you want take place a few days, a week, or even instantly after you emerge from trance, your hypnotist is just a guide and a teacher. It is completely up to you and how much you want to learn how to take yourself into the relaxing and useful state of hypnosis. Then it is only a matter of noticing how the results you want begin to take effect all on their own. When this happens, you will have good reason to get excited and even more inspired as you witness your musical abilities soaring to new, higher levels far beyond what you ever thought possible.



This is NOT for the stupid or lazy under-achiever.


On the other hand, if you are the type of person who gets excited about learning new skills and you find the motivation necessary to follow through with all the steps you need to accomplish to get what you want, then you can usually achieve your results quickly and easily. Now is really your response-ability to find it within yourself to realize that YOU DO deserve as much as anybody else an opportunity to do something extraordinarily wonderful for yourself. In doing yourself this favor, when you make the choice to accomplish something absolutely remarkable like this for yourself, you’ll be able to look back on this decision, say a few months from now, and congratulate yourself for choosing to do what it takes to transform yourself into your own ideal. All along, you realize that you made the decision to do something really good for yourself in a way that is right for you for your own right reasons.

 Q. Will I still be aware after hypnosis? What will I be like?

A. It’s like being you, only with a lot less negative crap and more Good Stuff.

Q. How alike are hypnosis and meditation?

A. People who have practiced both meditation and hypnosis seem to think that the states feel extremely similar, if not the same. The difference seems to be their respective intentions.

In hypnosis, one enters the state to quiet the mind with the purpose of focusing intently on achieving specific results. In meditation, the purpose is also to quiet the mind, but with the stated goal of clearing the mind of all thoughts or achieving unity with the “higher self”. In short, the goal of hypnosis is to highly focus on making changes in the world, whereas one could say that the ultimate goal of meditation is to highly focus on the “higher self” or nothing as an end in itself.

Both states quiet the mind and enable you to experience extraordinary clarity and relaxation. If you have practiced meditation, then chances are hypnosis will feel very familiar to you.

Q. What is self-hypnosis?

A. If you have learned anything at all reading this, then you already understand that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. The term SELF HYPNOSIS commonly refers to your ability to enter hypnosis whenever you want, on your own, and reprogram your mind for whatever new behaviors and responses you desire.

Put simply, we use the term Guided hypnosis for when the hypnotist guides you to learn how to take yourself into the trance state. At first he may use relaxing visualization to help you get there. After you feel comfortable with going into hypnosis, the hypnotist usually creates a trigger for you as a shortcut to get you there even faster. This frees up more session time for your hypnotist to offer your subconscious mind useful suggestions for the results you want.

Self-hypnosis is when your hypnotist gives YOU the trigger, so that YOU now have the Guided button to use to take yourself into hypnosis whenever you want. Your hypnotist can then train you with simple techniques you can use from then on to effectively reprogram yourself on your own.

It is true that hypnosis by a professional hypnotist can often make changes that you may find difficult to make on your own with self-hypnosis. This is because when you are in a problem or challenge it is sometimes tricky to get the big picture and think beyond yourself. In those cases, it’s nice to have the input and insights of someone else outside of you and your challenge, a person who can objectively lead you to different solutions so that you can rise above your challenges and see them in new and different ways. In general, however, self-hypnosis works beautifully for those who want to take control of their own mental and emotional states.

No doubt you have heard about many therapeutic professions that are dependent on the practitioner for the changes desired, sometimes for years and years of expensive sessions. My opinion is that I am your trainer, a highly trained professional trainer, but your trainer nonetheless. That means that my goal is to get you the changes you want and then train YOU to do hypnosis by yourself for your own benefit as a skill you can take with you all through the rest of your life.


Learning self-hypnosis is THE way to go to learn how to program your mind for whatever you want.

Q. I want to experience this for myself.

What do I need to do to go ahead and book a session right now?

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