Music Is Really A State Of Hypnosis .. And As A Musician .. You ARE A Musical Hypnotist

Music is Hypnosis and

All Musicians Are Hypnotists.
All Music is a Form of Hypnosis

Music is much more than just an art form sanctioned by culture.

Music is an especially powerful type of non-verbal hypnosis. In fact, the effects of music are intended to induce the listener into a hypnotic state that resonates with the trance generated by and within the performer himself. Research has shown that humans are uniquely pre-wired with a genetic predisposition to respond to music by entering into a hypnotic trance. It’s a kind of trance we naturally learn to love that both attracts us and encourages our participation.

Thus the trance-inducing effect is itself a necessary and integral part of our definition of music.

In fact…

the subconscious criteria you use to distinguish whether a series of tones is just noise or

music to your ears is your intuitive perception as to the potential of those sounds to elicit a form of musical trance you can recognize and you are familiar with.

To be music, sound must include the intent to stimulate musical trance from within the receiver. If we do not perceive an intention to share musical trance from one person to another in the sounds we hear (aside from regular human speech), we automatically relegate those sounds to the realm of random racket or mere noise.

Every Musician is a Hypnotist

You, yourself, have every reason to learn how to go into hypnosis just so you can become a better hypnotist. Why? Because that’s exactly what a great musician does…put people into trance with music. Taking people out of themselves and guiding them into your soundscape, you become their guide. As a master hypnotist and a musician, I’m letting you know now that music IS hypnosis. Sure, what you say with music doesn’t necessarily use words to communicate, but like a hypnotist, you are giving suggestions…almost magical non-verbal suggestions that hint at moods and feelings that can be as profound as the deepest philosophical discussion. As a musician, your audience expects you to mesmerize them so that they willingly follow you, whether your music leads them to the highest heights of serious self-reflection or the deepest depths of intense sensuality. Like a magician, you can

use your music to conjure up vivid colors on a palette the listener cannot possibly see, to release secret memories of internal worlds that have never been visited before, and to summon up fantastic sensations that pulse and reverberate in mysterious ways we all somehow feel and share together.