Musical Sight Reading … Become The Music …

Now, not every musician can read a sheet of music .. and many have no desire …

But for those who can, You can easily with practice at a conscious and subconscious level, Make it YOUR NEW LANGUAGE

Remember as a kid, you could pick up instruction or direction and in the beginning, it was unfamiliar, but after some practice, like an experienced auto mechanic, it comes as automatically and quickly as you’re reading this right here and right now. Well the same skills apply to written music, you can pick up a piece of sheet music and read it and play it.

Musicians throughout the ages have done this, and you can too.

Was it necessary for you to think about every single letter in the sentence above in order for you to read it?

Imagine what it would be like for you to pick up a lead sheet or a piece of sheet music and just play it, even a piece of music that you’ve never heard before?

Do you think that would open up entire new worlds of music possibility for YOU?

How about when you read this sentence¦do you even have to stop and think about any of the individual words here to read this? Of course not.

What if you already know how to read music, but you just want to be able to read faster? Maybe
you’re just tired of slogging through a piece note by note and you would rather get down to the business of actually playing it.

Face the music…
your ultimate goal is NOT to be a great sight reader…
your real goal is to be a great musician, a great player.
NOBODY ever says “That guy sure was a great sight reader!.”
They say “Now there’s a great player!”

You want to be a great song player first, a great note reader second…
because the sheet music is just the roadmap,
NOT the territory.

How easy would it be to learn a foreign language that only had twelve letters and no dictionary necessary? Well…to read music you only need to know the first seven letters of the alphabet, and a few notes in between makes only twelve!

The rest is just target practice!

But just like reading a speech or story out loud,
there’s a little trick you have to master…
you have to learn to do two things at once.

You have to read several bars ahead of what you are actually playing.
To do that, you need to be able to remember and play what you just read a few bars back at the same time you’re reading a few bars ahead. And for this to flow naturally and easily it must simply become automatic for you.
And just as you never really read every letter or even word in a sentence, the same applies to sight reading. It’s a matter of scanning quickly, getting the big picture instantly, and recognizing the elements of music theory to determine the direction and contour of the music’s flow.

Well…do you think your subconscious mind, that part of you that keeps your heart beating, your body breathing, digesting, supplying each and every cell in your body with everything it needs to thrive…do you think that part of you can handle the multi-tasking required to sight read easily and effortlessly?

Hypnosis speaks directly to that part of you, to program it to carry out your own clear directions so that it can then realize what must happen and take you toward your innermost goals and desires.

Program-in sight reading
and get on with what all this is really about…
playing music.