NYC Hypnosis: the Simple Facts About Hypnosis

The Facts About Hypnosis

You can discover everything you need to know in the topics below that will allow you to imagine the many ways you can use hypnosis to become the musician you always wanted to be NOW. As you begin to feel excited about all the amazing possibilities here for you while you read this, you can then choose to find out the next steps you want to take for yourself to launch your playing to a higher level.

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All Music Is Hypnosis, Every Musician Is a Hypnotist

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The Simple Facts About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a Natural and Beneficial State of Mind

· Everybody goes through the state of hypnosis (called somnambulism) at least twice a day: once between being awake and falling asleep, and again between sleep and waking up.

· Although the hypnotic state is a common part of your everyday human experience, few people actually get the opportunity to learn how to enter the state of hypnosis at will.

· All of our vast resources and all of our programmed behaviors reside in our subconscious mind. Entering the state of hypnosis allows access to these resources that cannot be arrived at consciously. Furthermore, old negative programs and loops can be replaced with positive new programming in the hypnotic state. Besides learning how to really relax, the most profound benefit of hypnosis is the ability to self-program oneself for new, positive behaviors.

· Hypnosis is a very clear, aware, and focused state of mind. It is not a zombie-like state. A person in hypnosis cannot be forced to do or say anything that they would not do or say when wide wake.

· In the last couple of years hypnotists have been seen making numerous appearances on daytime TV shows, instantly curing people suffering from life-long disabling phobias. Despite this favorable coverage, many people remain misinformed because of the negative stereotypes about hypnosis historically found in movies and the media. Those misrepresentations serve the writers of “B” movies well, but distort perceptions about hypnosis and install unfounded fears in the public. Dispelling those myths and informing the public about the true nature of trance and its benefits are an important part of what a hypnotist must do.

· All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. I never hypnotize anyone. I simply guide people into the relaxing, interesting, and useful state of hypnosis and teach them how to achieve the state of hypnosis for themselves whenever they want.

· All music is hypnosis, every musician is a hypnotist. Music has a natural innate appeal because it puts us in a very enjoyable state of trance that can be soothing or exciting. A virtuoso musician has the ability to mesmerize the listener and communicate to them directly without any resistance. When we hear the sounds created by a musician as music, it’s because we recognize their trance-generating properties, qualities that we do not ordinarily experience from sounds that we perceive as “just noise”.

What is Hypnosis?

What Hypnosis is NOT:

Hypnosis is not a zombie-like state where you are helpless and not in control of your own thoughts and actions. This still-familiar stereotype is nothing more than a myth that was created by the earliest filmmakers as a cheap plot device for grade “B” movies. Since then, technology and research has changed nearly everything else we know about the human mind, yet the media continues to exploit the old zombie myth of hypnosis to sell advertising time and theater tickets.

Although the media uses hypnosis to create characters who perform deeds against their will, this has never been true or even possible using hypnosis. In continuing to perpetuate this myth for dramatic purposes, the media certainly does a disservice to those who might otherwise choose to benefit from hypnosis.

If you were to speak with just about anyone who has actually experienced hypnosis however, they routinely tell you that hypnosis is really a relaxed state where you actually have more control over what you think and feel than ever before. When you are in hypnosis, you discover that it’s not just a state of complete relaxation and well being, but also a state of stunning clarity and insight. Yet most people, those who have had no direct experience with hypnosis, have not been educated to understand that hypnosis is primarily a powerful tool for positive change,

NOT manipulation.

YOU are now one of the lucky few who know otherwise.

Hypnosis is NOT about anyone controlling you, and

it’s NOT about you being controlled.

It is about allowing a hypnotist to guide you so that

YOU can learn to take control of your own mental states.

What Hypnosis is:

Hypnosis is actually a very clear, aware state where your subconscious mind is accessible and open to changing the basic programs that cause you to automatically behave and act in certain ways when you are awake. You can hear and remember everything that is said to you while in hypnosis and you have absolute control over what you will or will not do as well. Even though you physically become deeply relaxed, mentally you become more alert and your perceptions are heightened more than they are in your “normal” state.

But the reality is this: hypnosis is a normal state. It is not sleep, but a very familiar state you go through naturally at least twice each day…once in the evening as you go from being awake into sleep and again in the morning between the time you sleep and waking up. In fact, the hypnotic state (which is also called “trance” or “somnambulism”) is so natural to you that people often wonder whether they’ve been hypnotized or not upon emerging from hypnosis. That’s because people who don’t understand hypnosis expect to react like the hypnotized zombies they’ve seen over and over again in the movies and on TV. Nothing could be further from the truth! You cannot be made to do, say, or reveal anything against your will while in hypnosis. You have the same control over what you will and will not do at all times. Furthermore, while in hypnosis you will absolutely immediately reject any suggestions that just don’t feel right or are uncomfortable for you.