Out New York City Hypnotists Hypnosis Philosophy – Yes, What We Believe In

My Personal Philosophy

1) Hypnosis is a beneficial, natural, and useful trance state.

2) Entering the hypnotic state (also called somnambulism) is something that happens naturally to human beings every day throughout their lives. But learning how to enter that same state of consciousness at will is a valuable skill that most anybody can learn and use to self-program oneself in positive ways.

3) Using hypnosis one can reprogram the subconscious mind in ways that are difficult or impossible to access consciously or otherwise.

4) Self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and a lack of self-deservedness are the most common obstacles to the achievement of one’s life-long goals, dreams, and innermost desires. Hypnosis is a tried and true technology for permanently breaking through those barriers and freeing the individual to succeed in fulfilling his or her personal desires.

5) If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

6) People are never “failures”. People never fail, but the way they approach doing something can fail miserably.

7) You get what you rehearse, mentally or physically.

8) All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I AM a highly-trained professional hypnotist, but I do not hypnotize anyone. All any hypnotist, including myself, can really do is train you how to take yourself into the relaxing state of hypnosis.

9) I AM also a certified hypnotherapist, but I don’t do any therapy. I just train others how to go inside and transform negative feelings and behaviors to the positive ones that they want. For every negative feeling or behavior you have, your mind knows exactly when it started, what started it, what’s keeping it alive and, most importantly, how to stop it. Given the right tools, clients can be trained to do what it takes to do their own therapy.

10) As a TRAINER, it is the response-ability of the trainee to follow directions and do the work needed to get the benefits. I can’t go into trance for you.

11) All music is hypnosis, and

all musicians are hypnotists.

12) My job is neither to judge you nor your personal desires, but to get you the results you want as efficiently and as rapidly as possible.

13) Ideally, I would like everyone I work with to eventually learn self-hypnosis. Once that skill is learned, they are able to go on with their lives with the ability to swiftly and easily enter a useful state of hypnosis on their own independent of me and without being dependent on me.

14) My highest priority is making sure that your hypnosis session is a beautifully relaxing, positive, and absolutely safe experience for you.

15) People only allow themselves to get what they believe they deserve and nothing more, whether it’s good or bad. Change a person’s beliefs to a sense of positive deservedness and good things begin to happen.

16) The overwhelming majority of people sorely underestimate the almost infinite genius of their subconscious minds, and severely limit themselves by doing so. Like a powerful guardian angel, your subconscious mind does everything it can to protect you and make you happy. That’s all it does. Well… that’s all it intends to do, but it’s performance in that regard is only as good as the instructions you give it. Like they say in computing, “Garbage in, garbage out”. If you talk trash to yourself all day with your inner dialogue, that’s exactly what it’ll give you. Give it clear and powerful new instructions that will benefit you and it will make those things happen too. How do you give your subconscious mind those new clear and powerful instructions? When you use hypnosis to open an inner door through the firewall that normally separates your conscious desires from your subconscious resources. Hypnosis can allow you the opportunity to join forces with your powerful subconscious mind, to heed its silent wisdom, or to just get out of your own way and trust its genius to perform miracles for you.

17) Everyone I work with in hypnosis is treated absolutely professionally and in a way that is both dignified and respectful to his or her core values.

18) I will not intentionally put any of my hypnotized clients into a position that would cause them to feel embarrassed or compromise anything that they wish to remain private. Unless you permit it, any and all private sessions you schedule will remain strictly confidential.

19) I will not work with anyone who is dragged in to see me against their will or cajoled by another person. Nobody can hypnotize another person against their will, nor can anyone have another person hypnotized against their will.

20) Hypnosis is FUN. Yes, it’s true that hypnosis is often used to solve serious personal problems in clinical settings, but otherwise there’s really no good reason for it to be a somber and serious affair. In fact, you should be able to smile and even laugh out loud if you want in hypnosis. Since I know everyone that I help guide into hypnosis is going to feel good, it’s perfectly okay for you to just go ahead and feel good in a way that’s right for yo