Performance Anxiety … Or the Pre Stage Jitters !

Do YOU suffer from Performance Anxiety?

What is performance anxiety and what is the difference between performance anxiety and “stage fright”?
Although many performers who have stage fright also display performance anxiety, performance anxiety can stand alone as an obstacle to a musician’s ability to perform in public. Whereas stage fright is mainly a fear of being the focus of attention in front of a group of people, performance anxiety is more the fear of screwing up and making mistakes while performing. A person who displays performance anxiety isn’t so much afraid of getting up in front of a group of people and performing as they are about getting up in front of a group of people and performing mistakes with all the negative implications they may imagine come with that. But for those with stage fright, messing up is just one of many negative aspects they perceive related to public performance, and maybe not even the element they fear the most.

Musicians caught up in performance anxiety set up vicious negative loops for themselves that easily transform into self-fulfilling prophecies. They worry and worry and, in so doing, visualize and mentally rehearse every possible negative scenario and onstage disaster that could possibly happen. Well, we get what we rehearse. So instead of rehearsing and visualizing success as a template for the subconscious mind to follow and execute in reality, there is an intensely powerful ready-made blueprint for disaster that naturally occurs.

Performance Anxiety = Self-Sabotage

The end result of such negative self-programming is that a performer “chokes” during his or her performance. By the time they get onstage to perform, they’ve spent huge amounts of time and mental energy rehearsing all the different ways things can go wrong, and then (surprise!) they do.

Like stage fright, performance anxiety is not something that “happens to you”. It’s something one does to oneself. In other words, if performance anxiety seems to happen to you, you’re doing it. That’s the good news and the bad news. The bad news is that you’re doing it to yourself. The good news is that, because it’s something you do to yourself, you’re the one who’s actually responsible for it, keeping it alive, but also in a position to control it and remove it completely.

Unfortunately, by the time a musician actually displays performance anxiety, over-rehearsed negative outcomes have become so deeply programmed and ingrained as automatic responses in the subconscious mind that they are very difficult to change or remove, especially on a conscious level (like any other bad habit).

Now…you may not consciously know how to end the fear, the worrying, the unwarranted loss of sleep and wasted energy, but your all-knowing subconscious does know. Fortunately, your subconscious mind is precisely the part of you that hypnosis speaks directly to, bypassing the conscious mind completely and getting to the core of your problem to reprogram you for success.

Every person’s situation is unique, and so are their problems and the solutions to their problems.

Hypnosis is a tried and true way to re-program your subconscious mind and…

· End onstage self-sabotage forever.

· Replace negative inner self-talk with positive and reassuring self-dialogue.

· Visualize and practice success rather than disaster.

· Focus on performing with passion and expression rather than flawlessly.

· Realize that technique should be the servant of expression, not the master.

· Learn how to become the music and stop worrying about doing the music.

· Trust that your subconscious mind is perfectly capable of pulling off the performance for you and back that up with real and adequate preparation.

· Allow yourself to become so immersed in the music that when you perform onstage there’s not really anyone “there” left to feel anxious about making mistakes.

Needless worry and self-sabotage OR Thoughtful concern with positive outcomes?

Here’s your opportunity to make a choice…for your music and yourself.