Practice In Your Sleep … Utilize Sleep And Dream Time To Fine Hone Your Musical Chops

Dream Practice
Practice in Your Dreams

During research studies on dreaming, experiments were performed on lab rats that were hooked up to a brain wave monitor. The researchers were able to tell what part of the maze the rats were in by matching their brainwaves with their locations within the maze. The rats were then monitored during sleep, and the researchers found that the rats were indeed rehearsing the maze while dreaming. Not only that, the researchers were even able to identify where in the maze the rats were while they were dreaming.

Research on humans has shown that, during sleep, we also bring what we learned during our day with us into our sleep to rehearse in our dreams. Your mind then takes all the information you’ve accrued during the waking state and organizes that information in its own way for permanent storage in your memory.

Other research indicates that what we are thinking about right before we go to sleep seems to get priority as to what our mind configures and stores of our daily experience while we dream.

Ever watch a dog sleeping and know by his movements that he’s dreaming? It’s easy to tell that he’s running in his dreams by the way his legs are twitching in the exact same sequence they do when he’s actually running. Movements are suppressed during sleep, but there are still micro-movements that come through that indicate the mind/body connection continues to be very, very active. So while you only see the dog’s legs twitching, in his dreams he’s chasing a car down the street or playing with his doggie friends.

So, what would you do if YOU discovered that you could rehearse in your dreams?

And what if you also realized that dream rehearsal still provides you with a very physical type of practice…one which reinforces your mind/body connections while you sleep with micro-movements that dramatically improve your playing skills in ways you can notice when you’re awake?

What if, instead of over-practicing to the point of muscle damage, you were able to supplement your waking practice with practice in your dreams?

What would it feel like for you to be able to exercise the exact same connections between your mind and your fingers that you do when you’re awake with micro-movements that cannot possibly tax or strain your body in any way?

How much more valuable practice time could you add to your busy schedule if you were able to program your mind to utilize the 1/3 of your life that you once thought was only useful for laying in bed?

And what’s really cool is that, as with the techniques for mental rehearsal and practicing in your head while awake,

you never screw up or make mistakes when you practice in your dreams. You only practice success,

no stumbling with the same mistakes over and over that can happen when you physically tackle a technique or piece of music.

In conjunction with hypnosis techniques to program yourself for mental practice in the waking state, you can use dream rehearsal to enable you to practice your music 24/7, around the clock…whether you have your instrument with you or not.

Dream rehearsal is an amazing and revolutionary breakthrough in self-programming that allows you to join forces with your subconscious mind and apply your full potential to your quest to perfect your musical skills.

Because the subconscious mind dominates the sleep state completely, and hypnosis is a doorway into programming the subconscious mind, hypnosis can be used to program the subconscious to apply itself to music-oriented goals during sleep.

Maybe that’s why Jimi Hendrix used to fall asleep with his guitar in his hands…as he fell asleep, he probably just kept on playing!