Step Into The Shoes of Botecelli, Clapton …. Become the Musician

Imagine you Can Step into the Body, Mind And Soul of the Musician You Admire The Most? The most famous musicians, actors and innovators have always had CREATIVE MENTORS which first instilled their very desire to perform.

I would love to say I innovated this technique, but it really was discovered by Richard Bandler, the pioneer and co-founder of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and made popular by Tony Robbins and other. It is called ‘Modeling.’

Modeling is A proven, safe technique wherein you choose a musician you admire and acquire that performers skills, step into their mindset. In trance, you temporarily become that performer in various aspects (I know it sounds like sci-fi) as though you just stepped into their body and feel exactly what its like to play like them. This is what every famous athlete has done since we learned it from the Russians when they were first let back into the Olympic Games.

This ‘mind merge’ is done at various levels of association and you are then emerged from hypnosis fully integrated, personality intact, taking with you only the abilities you wish to acquire from the musician modeled. In some versions, you can even chat and asks questions from the musician you want to model before emerging from trance.

This type of guided hypnotic induction will not, of course, make anyone who has never played music into a virtuoso or prodigy. What it does do is allow the subtleties inherent in the model’s playing (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) that have been recognized in fine detail subconsciously by you mind to manifest consciously. A very fun, inspirational, and enlightening experience.

· Technique – The Body Follows the Mind.

· Creating Inspiration – Song Writing and Composition.

· Memory Magic for Musicians.

· Solid Beats – Developing Rhythmic Precision.

· Band Sync – Locking in With Your Band Members.

· Singing and Playing for the Multi-Task Musician.

· Speed and Accuracy – Hitting the Right Notes.

· Hear It and Play It – Playing By Ear.

· Trance and Music – Entrainment and the Frequency Following Effect

…or whatever else you can dream up and have in mind for YOU .