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If you haven’t experienced the trance state of hypnosis, listen… you haven’t played music.

It’s natural to be skeptical. Depending on how much know about it, there’s probably a part of you that has had serious doubts about hypnosis. Maybe there’s a part of you thinks that hypnosis cannot possibly be real, that it’s more than likely just a stupid trick or something people fake. And it may be trying to reassure you about all this by getting you to tell yourself that you couldn’t be hypnotized anyway, even if it were true. It’s kind of funny, because often it’s that exact same part that also happens to be scared by the idea that a hypnotist might really have the kind of power to force others to do or say things against their will…embarrassing things or things that can possibly put someone helplessly under their control. (Well, that’s what happens in all those old movies and TV shows, isn’t it?).

What if, instead of thinking that hypnosis is just a way to manipulate people, you were to find out that hypnosis turns out to be the most effective and powerful tool available you can use to program your mind and body for music excellence way beyond what you ever thought possible?

Then there’s also that other part of you deep within that already knows that there probably is something to all this hypnosis stuff after all. The more you think about it, the more that intuitive part of you can begin to recall enough of what you’ve already seen and heard about hypnosis to convince you that there’s a lot more to this hypnosis stuff than meets the eye. It wonders how real hypnosis is. And whether you think it is in fact real or not, your mind can usually come up with certain things you’ve experienced all of the sudden, things that come to mind that at some time really made you stop and wonder, things that are hard to explain other than that there actually is something mysteriously powerful going on here. Curious?

Go ahead and ask yourself…

Did it feel weird or scary for you when you found yourself mesmerized by the playing of your favorite musician?

Or was it a very pleasant and relaxing experience for you?

At any time did you feel that the music that captivated your imagination ever controlled you?

Or did you voluntarily go along with the experience because it just felt good?

And did you notice any personal loss of control at all when you allowed yourself to get lost in the music?

Was there even a hint that you had somehow transformed into a mindless zombie as you became enchanted and entranced by the hypnotic soundscapes presented for your pleasure?

Of course not.

So I have some good news for you…

what you felt when you were enraptured by that wonderful music

is exactly how hypnosis feels.

Why? Simply because, as you’ve learned,



You’ve just discovered that you’ve experienced hypnosis many, many times already…and you also now realize that that part of you that knows there’s something to all this hypnosis stuff has just remembered how good being hypnotized really feels.

If it sounds good, it is good. – Duke Ellington

So it seems that part of you that perceived there’s more here than meets the eye (and the ear) is absolutely right. As you let this part of you continue to grow and find out more about hypnosis, go ahead and explore what’s in here that’s right, right for you. Whether you take it at face value or just read between the lines, you’ll find plenty here to stimulate your imagination and sense of wonder, especially if you happen to be a musician reading this right now. Discover the possibilities waiting for you here…discoveries that can transform into amazing opportunities for you and the way you’ve always wanted to play music. As you read on, take all the time you need to get the information necessary for you to understand the real truth about hypnosis so you can come to your own conclusions… determinations you can use that can only free you from any ignorance and fear that may try to stand in the way between you and learning something new and exciting that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

And if you think learning that MUSIC IS HYPNOSIS is a real eye-opener, check this out, here’s something that’ll generate a brainstorm or two… If music is hypnosis, that means that it is the musician who takes people into the beautiful state of hypnosis we call music, so then…

If you’re a musician, aren’t you really doing hypnosis?


Doesn’t that make YOU a hypnotist?

oooohhh… There’s a thought!

So, finding out that what you do, what is actually required of you as a musician, turns out to be to create musical trance within others with your playing, do you think it might be helpful for YOU to find out what this trance is? How to create it within yourself so others can resonate with it, with YOU and your music? Do you want to know what’s really going on when you play music? While you let all this sink in and become more comfortable with the concept ( you have been for years…you just weren’t aware of it ).

Check out the next page for a complete overview of the latest in amazing state-of-the-art trance technologies entirely devoted to excite, inspire, and accelerate your own natural inner musical genius NOW.

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