What Happens During My Hypnosis Session

What Happens During My Hypnosis Session?

Your hypnosis session is personally and custom-designed to be an extremely pleasant and positive experience for you.

After an evaluation/informational interview, you can explain and discuss with your hypnotist your goals and any challenges you may have as a musician. Based on your unique situation and the professional experience of your hypnotist, a course of action is then recommended for you to rapidly achieve the results that you want. Your hypnotist will be happy to answer any questions you may have that may not have already been answered for you at your initial interview. When you feel sure that you are comfortable with the idea of hypnosis and feel good about your hypnotist, then the actual hypnosis session will begin.

You will be reminded that throughout your entire experience you will be able to hear everything said to you by the hypnotist and that YOU retain absolute control over everything you say and do (including what suggestions you want to accept for yourself completely or reject). You will then be guided to enter into an exquisite state of total mental and physical relaxation. At the same time you are settling into a very pleasant, peaceful, and comfortable state, you’ll notice how your senses become extremely alert even as you continue to be aware of everything going on around you. When you are sufficiently relaxed, your powerful subconscious mind receives and responds to only the suggestions you want to change your programmed behaviors to those you desire now. Old programs keeping you from achieving your goals are removed and replaced by new, positive programs. Only the suggestions you know are right for you are then embraced by your vast subconscious mind to become a natural part of who you are…your new, positive, and powerful programming you want for you. If desired, the hypnotist can give you your own personal triggers that will activate and enhance the effects you want, when you want them…triggers you can use on your own to your advantage long after your session has ended.

Once you know you’ve got it, that the changes you want are installed and can begin to automatically manifest for you, you are emerged from hypnosis feeling energized, relaxed, and empowered with your new changes. The state of well-being and relaxation one experiences in hypnosis is so profound that it often results in people feeling as though they’ve had an entire restful night’s sleep after their session. As your hypnotist emerges you from hypnosis, you will be given even more positive suggestions that will reinforce and supercharge the changes you’ve newly acquired. If you are like most people, you will feel better than you have for a long, long time.

Finally, you have a brief discussion about your session with your hypnotist. Your hypnotist will make sure you feel good, that the desired changes are installed for you and, if necessary, you can go ahead and set up your next appointment.